Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love never ends...

One morning a mother drives her six year old son to school.  He writes "I love you" to his mom in the morning frost before they drive off to school. She takes the time to snap his toothy smile next to the frosty love note.  It is December 14, 2012 in Newtown CT.  She never sees her son again.

Our love never ends. This "know in your bones" love was reinforced every day between this mom and her young son J.T.  During an interview J.T.'s mom spoke with a supreme confidence that he knew, "my love for you never ends in this life or beyond'.

Reading about J.T.  I think about how a mother's love grows fierce.

As we zoom 9000 miles towards India slicing the ink tar sky I wonder... How do children without parents know this fierce love? How can we as visitors convey our love to these children in just four days?

How will they learn love never ends?

Founder of The Miracle Foundation, Caroline Bourdreaux tells first time visitors to our children's homes, the love you share with the children sticks with them forever.  They are forever changed.  If you do nothing else but spend four days playing with them, each and every child will carry that love forward.


She also tells us, As a traveler the children will change YOU forever. You will become better as a person just knowing them for a few days.

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