Friday, January 11, 2013

Dharavi Tour Slum

It's just another day in Mumbai

Dharavi slum hums
recycling plastics, oils,
and even paint drums.

The machines they invent
grind the garbage we refuse
into reusable products for
us to choose.

Water below, live wires above
dark, dank alley's
a White House with doves.

1.2 million people strong
Live side by side but get along.

Children toddle as cat rat's feed
"Hello" they call out as we proceed.

Poverty sucks
but people can thrive
For 173 years this place
has survived!

Arrival at Savalee Children's Home

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love never ends...

One morning a mother drives her six year old son to school.  He writes "I love you" to his mom in the morning frost before they drive off to school. She takes the time to snap his toothy smile next to the frosty love note.  It is December 14, 2012 in Newtown CT.  She never sees her son again.

Our love never ends. This "know in your bones" love was reinforced every day between this mom and her young son J.T.  During an interview J.T.'s mom spoke with a supreme confidence that he knew, "my love for you never ends in this life or beyond'.

Reading about J.T.  I think about how a mother's love grows fierce.

As we zoom 9000 miles towards India slicing the ink tar sky I wonder... How do children without parents know this fierce love? How can we as visitors convey our love to these children in just four days?

How will they learn love never ends?

Founder of The Miracle Foundation, Caroline Bourdreaux tells first time visitors to our children's homes, the love you share with the children sticks with them forever.  They are forever changed.  If you do nothing else but spend four days playing with them, each and every child will carry that love forward.


She also tells us, As a traveler the children will change YOU forever. You will become better as a person just knowing them for a few days.


As I transition from a hectic "wrapping up" of life and work, I retreat into my glossy retreat-- People Magazine.  I know...horrors!

My 14 hour flight to India is about to commence.  Sitting right next to me is my life long friend Sara and traveling together on this trip is the cherry on top of our friendship. She is already a passionate supporter of students, teachers and education reform. Now we have all that passion directed towards caring for the orphans.

Lucky us, lucky me.

Kerry Anne

Monday, January 7, 2013


Well flighty is the word of the day because I am going between multiple lists, suitcases, work and personal projects to ready myself for 3 weeks in India.

Flighty because I am pre-occupied thinking about our 16 hour flight.

My work with The Miracle Foundation has been fast and furious.  I joined the team at our highest activity time of year with year end fundraising campaigns and two groups of travelers to attend to.
Gulp!  So, although I always knew I was working for these sweet, sweet children on the other side of the I get to MEET THEM!

Anyone who has seen me with children knows I am at my best, my happiest self when laughing and chasing kids!  So the thought of going to two orphanages is such an extraordinary treat.

I also understand our "turn around" methodology for orphanages well. I understand how we go about partnering with existing orphanages to provide a predictable source of income as we raise the standard of care for the children.

Internet can be spotty over yonder.  So I will do the best I can to stay in touch regularly. 

To all those who sent me money for our projects improvement projects at Savalee Orphanage - Thank YOU! 

Savalee means "shade of love".  All of my friends provide that amazing shade of love for me...And I am going to grow a few more verdant green branches and curve them making shade for the children and I to sit under!